Cover Up Beachwear To Flaunt This Summer

Summer is right around the corner, and there couldn’t be a better time to discuss cover-up dresses for your beach vacation. While you’ll be spending most of the time in a bikini, you’ll need some clothing to pair it with, especially when passing through a common area to and from the beach.

Cover-up beachwear is mainly used for convenience, so you are ready to take a dip in the water without a care in the world. It can be easily removed or put on as compared to any other kind of outfit, and it keeps you comfy even when you are drenched. Besides that, you get protection from direct sunlight, thus avoiding sunburn. Although getting a sun-kissed glow will be great for the vacation, too much of it can be harmful to the skin.

Types of Cover-up Dresses

A cover-up could be anything from a simple shirt to a stylish kaftan. At Surmer, there is a wide variety of options that can be used as a cover-up. You can even match them with your bikini set to create a fashionable look. Let’s take a look at some of the trendy cover-up beachwear:

Kaftans (Long and Short)


Originally, Kaftans were introduced as buttoned-up ankle-length robes worn by men in the Middle East. Over time, numerous designers have modernized and interpreted the trend differently. Today, it has become the go-to choice for summerwear. Wear a full-length kaftan as an evening dress or pair a short one with your trousers. It has become a popular choice to cover up a swimsuit, even on beaches.

Surmer offers short and long kaftans in various prints, designs, and colors. From Jellyfish to Savannah and from silk to cotton, there are several options to choose from. Some are available with side slits, while others are designed as full-length evening gowns featuring a V-neck and belted waists. A common feature in all kaftans is that they have loose and flowing sleeves, ideal for all body types.


Shirts also work great as cover-up beachwear over bikinis and swimsuits. You can sport any printed or plain shirt and use it as a shrug when strolling on the beach. Button it up for coverage or keep it open for a breezy look. Regular shirts can also be used as sustainable cover-up clothing. At Surmer, you will find printed shirt cover-ups with buttons or strings that can be tied at the waist. 

Shirt Dresses

If you wish to flaunt your beach look in full-length shirts, many of them in full sleeves have slits on the sides commonly used for swimsuit covers. Like regular shirts, you can carry them like a robe or keep them buttoned up for full coverage. Pair them with a stylish bikini set underneath and an oversized beach bag for a complete summer look. Surmer offers a wide range of shirt dresses as cover-ups in various colors and styles, along with a sleek belt accentuating your silhouette.

Full-length Dresses

If you ever want to try full-length dresses that work as a fashionable cover-up during the day and a hot party dress in the evening, this is what you need. These look like a regular midi but are quite sheer in appearance. You can pick one that matches your bikini color to get the look right. Explore Surmer, and you’ll find various styles ranging from boat necks, V-necks, and knotted fronts based on beautiful themes.


Sarong is a piece of clothing usually tied around the waist to cover your legs when wearing a swimsuit. There are endless ways to wear it as long as you know different styles of tying the knot. Some wear it as a halter neck dress, while others go for a wrap-around look. You can also tie it around your bust and flaunt it as an off-shoulder dress.

The range of sarongs available at Surmer includes different options in a variety of colors. These have long ties that you can secure around the waist or in the front, depending on the kind of look you wish to create.


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