Hop on to the New Trend in Town This Summer: The Boho Fashion

Bohemian Fashion

Some fashion trends come and go. Some, like the 90’s-inspired, rebirth and impress with various styles and shapes. Then comes some true timeless pieces that were neither out nor going to be – the bohemian fashion. With modern twists, the boho game is offering diverse styling ideas to the women out there this summer.

Adopted from the 1960s, boho is everything that is comfy, classy, earthy, and artsy. It comprises a wardrobe of abstract prints, funky colors, flowy patterns, medallion pieces, and all things paisley. To make you feel close to the bohemian chic fashion, here are some of the know-hows for you.

Let It Be Free & Flowy

Flowy Dresses

Boho clothing is synonymous with comfortable and flowy fabrics. When it comes to choosing them, what’s unskippable is the loose midis and dresses. Pieces made of relaxed linen, cotton, and chiffon are breathable and easy to carry; they keep you unbothered for the whole day. From asymmetrical cuts to distinguished prints and patterns, free and flowy dresses are boho-apt and can be styled with chunky jewelry, scarves, and casual flats.

Shine In Earthy Tones

Earthy Tones

For the unversed, dopamine dressing includes all vibrant shades and striking color pops. However, the modern bohemian style is the exact opposite of what’s just said. Talking of the color palette, boho fashion embraces all subdued shades, including earthy tones of tans, greens, grays, and browns. From muted top-wear to earthy-toned pants and bottoms, these shades give an artsy boho look.

Statement Sleeves - The Game Changer

Statement Sleeves

Statement sleeves can be the game-changer of your outfit. Balloon or puffed sleeves in bohemian-style dresses elevate the visual and comfort factor, embodying a relaxed and oversized look without keeping you drowned in the dress. Available in various designs, fabrics, patterns, and prints, such dresses boost the boho pop when paired with high heels, layered necklaces, big hoops, and bracelets.

Go Bold With Co-Ord Sets

Co-Ord Sets

Name them monochrome or co-ord sets; they are another buzz in the 2022 boho style world. Easy to style and master, co-ord combinations look put together with chunky jewelry, outfit-appropriate makeup, occasion-appropriate footwear, and other accessories. While a colorful boho look has its own flavor, the monochromes are an equal head-turner.

Layer Up Chunky Pieces

Chunky Jewelry

One of the fascinating things about being boho is the unbothered selection of colors and styles in outfits and accessories. From funky pendants and hoop earrings to handmade pieces like purses, belts, hats, and more in natural materials, bohemian fashion lets you free. You may go for a tie and dye outfit today and make way for layered jewelry pieces with a simple dress on the other.

Master It Your Way

Style It Your Way

The concept of DIY works well with boho fashion. It’s all about experimenting with materials, colors, styles, and mixing and matching. Anything that includes crochet, hand-embroidery, hand-knitting, fringe, laces, beads, embellishments, and more could be styled in a way as if you master the art. The more you take this art to the next level, the more you shine!

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