Women-friendly Beaches in the Middle East

Culture, history, and religious sites define the Middle East at its best; however, the region is also home to sunbaked coastlines. While the beautiful landscapes and beaches of the Middle East welcome many native and foreign nationals alike, the geopolitical region has been a second thought to solo female visitors.

To some solo female travelers, the Middle East beach holidays are off the list owing to the cultural differences, conservative heritage, and the sartorial choices women have to make. This blog covers four women-friendly beaches in the Middle East that are safe to travel to and hard to miss.

La Mer, Dubai

La Mer Beach, Dubai

One of the most beautiful beaches in the Middle East, La Mer is located in Dubai and considered safe for women. The curated beach experience includes water sports, an open-air mall, cinema, water park, and beachfront shopping & dining. While the beach area here is flat and not very wide, the grooming is done many times a day. Lounge chairs and tan sand make you relax and enjoy to your fullest. Women can dress modestly on this beach with attire ranging from covered beach dresses to sarongs.

Bellevue Beach Resort, Lebanon

Bellevue Beach Resort, Lebanon

Called the ladies’ beach, Bellevue is a golden-colored sandy beach in the seaside village of Jieh, Lebanon. The Mediterranean balmy beach makes it easier for women to divulge bikinis, tankinis, and swim shorts. This beach resort lets you enjoy summer indulgence, signature food, unmatched luxury, and effortless relaxation. There’s also a dedicated area for music and events to experience a gala time with fellow visitors.

La Femme Beach, Egypt

La Femme Beach, Egypt

Sun-soaked getaways in the Middle East are as fancy and luxurious as they can be, and one of the best for the ladies is La Femme Beach in Egypt. Privacy, party, and everything in between – this beach is made for women to offer them complete freedom and their “me time.” Safe for every woman traveler, the La Femme private beach includes activities like volleyball, water skiing, a variety of parties, and jet skiing. Also, many artists and singers come here to entertain the beauties. Freedom in the clothing choices would make you love this beach even more!

Al Maroona (French Beach), Qatar

Al Maroona Beach, Qatar

Qatar is not behind when it comes to enjoying recreational activities at the beaches. Having a wide coastline, the country welcomes travelers who find escape at the shores. Al Maroona, also known as French Beach, is 80km away from Doha and one of the safest options for solo female travelers. The golden sand is too soft and fine, making the sea life easier to explore. Maroona is relatively small and famous amongst westerners. Ladies here can go for bikinis and other beachwear. However, respecting Islamic culture and avoiding something too tight or revealing is expected.

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